Friday, April 29, 2005

I'm at Ann's house

I stopped by Ann's house after work tonight to say hi -- she's in the process of moving, and I was in the neighborhood, so I dropped in. She's working on one of her review chapters for her CPA exams, and I pulled out the Willow Room computer in the hopes of getting some work done . . . then I randomly had internet access! I guess one of Ann's neighbors has wireless internet, which I am currently mooching off of. Hooray!

Let's see . . . at work today, we had some teachers from the Schlitz Audobon Nature Center visiting. (The SANC is just outside of Milwaukee!) It was neat to have visiting teachers from a nature based preschool -- and Gail, the woman who observed in my classroom, had some nice things to say about my teaching! Sometimes I forget I'm actually a pretty okay teacher -- that positive feedback always comes in handy!

OH! And . . . I got an invitation to the teacher appreciation luncheon next week. (The parents organize the whole thing!) The invite is very fancy, I hear the luncheon is quite a good time, AND I get a free massage! Very cool. I can't wait!

Baby animal update: the lamb is very sleepy, the baby goats were romping around this afternoon copying their daddy -- very sweet!, and we now have 4 happy baby chicks in the water table. (One was dead when we came in this morning. Very sad! Don had to dispose of the body -- I couldn't do it.)

FOOD NETWORK! Ann just turned on the TV and I almost had a heart attack. I miss cable. Rachael Ray has consumed my attention now -- I must go.

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