Sunday, April 24, 2005

a plethora of peanut butter sandwiches

I have received several (verbal) comments from all y'all about my lack of posts lately. I so sorry! Let me tell you about my week, since I posted last:

Tuesday: I worked, then I inhaled a peanut butter sandwich and met Christine for a walk. Then we watched Gilmore Girls (the episode sucked!), which we had taped while we were walking, and then I came home and went to bed.
Wednesday: I worked, helped to interview a potential lead teacher candidate for next fall, had dinner at Chipotle with Afton, then went to choir rehearsal. I came home and went to bed.
Thursday: I worked, attended the "big" staff meeting, came home, ate a peanut butter sandwich, and went to bed.
Friday: I worked, helped to interview another potential lead teacher candidate for next fall, went to Target (bought nothing!), showered and changed, inhaled a peanut butter sandwich, and picked up Christine. We went to Station 4 in Saint Paul for a preview of the Midwest Music Summit -- Epic Hero was playing. The show was awesome, they played lots of new music, and they covered a Duran Duran song, too. (That bar sucks, though.) Came home at 2 a.m. and went to bed.
Saturday: I picked Lauren up at 9:30 and we went to the nature center and participated in the Earth Day celebration: we pulled honeysuckle and European Buckthorn for two hours, before we had a quick free lunch. Then I dropped Lauren off, showered, and picked up Christine to take her to IKEA. She bought a desk, desk chair, and CD tower. (I have a big car; she doesn't.) Christine and I then went to the Good Earth (her treat) for a very late lunch or very early supper, however you look at it. Then I came home, collapsed on the couch for half an hour, then went babysitting.
Sunday: church/choir, then I ran to Target and the grocery store. I came home, unloaded everything, made myself a sandwich (NOT peanut butter this time!) and began laundry, tidying up the apartment, etc. And now here I am.

This coming week promises to be nearly as bad, but I hope to post a few more times!

I'm switching topics now, and cannot come up with a clever segue.

The managers of my apartment complex have prematurely shut off the heat in my apartment building. It is 60 degrees in my apartment right now. I am wearing a stocking hat while washing dishes and doing my laundry, and I'm still freezing!

Another abrupt topic change coming up.

I bought a couple of mens undershirts (the "A-style") at Target today, and I think they will work wonderfully for crappy summer tank tops for work. I may take a scissors to them since they are about twice as long as I need them, but other than that, for 2 bucks apiece, it's a steal.

I have to quit blogging now -- my fingers are so cold from typing I think they are going to fall off! Later, skaters.


Anonymous said...

Die buckthorn scum!
So how sore were you after wrestling with the weeds? :) Guess what still hurts for me? My hands, from all the twisting and yanking and digging and pulling. It was very fun, though; thanks for inviting me!

Catherine Weber said...

my lower back is still killing me, and my arms are sore, too! the inner parts of my lower arms, i think from holding on to the weeds so tightly. ow! today was a long day. i had a great time, too -- and we need to take a regular hike sometime soon!