Thursday, April 07, 2005

like a chicken with her head cut off

I have a nearly tragic but ultimately funny story from work today:

We were out on the playground this afternoon, and Natalie had brought Miss Chick out with us so she could eat bugs and get some fresh air. Miss Chick had been trying to get back inside the classroom for quite some time, but we wanted her to stay out on the playground with us! She is one sneaky chickie, however. I walked towards the classroom door to go and use the bathroom, and Miss Chick started following me. I blocked her with my foot, (or so I thought) and walked through the door. I didn't hear the classroom door latch, which is a regular occurance, so I went to pull the door closed behind me. I heard a sort of squaky/croaky noise and saw a flash of white near my feet. I looked down just as I had my hand on the door to pull it shut and saw . . . Miss Chick's head caught in the door. There was this little chicken face looking up at me, croaking, with this "save me! save me!" pleading look. I screamed "Ohmigod! Natalie!" and threw the classroom door open. I ran outside and Miss Chick stood there for about a minute, very still, (a visiting parent said, "she's in shock!") then sort of started walking around, moving her head, and pecking about. (Her usual behavior.) I brought her a drink of water, and she seems just fine now.

Yes, I nearly (accidentally) decapitated Miss Chick this afternoon. I feel terrible, and I apologise to Chickie for nearly killing her every time I walk past her cage.

The funniest part is, Tammy and Sheila heard me scream "Ohmigod! Natalie!" And came running into the classroom from the front desk. We all had a big laugh. I teased Sheila about whether she was trained on chicken CPR. She says she's not, but perhaps it's time to investigate whether classes exist.

The children are now VERY aware of where Miss Chick is, and as people go in and out the classroom door, they work together to protect her from the evil neck-squashing door. (They block her path with their bodies -- it's pretty funny, watching 4 or so kids looking like their guarding someone in a basketball game, when in actuality they are keeping Miss Chick safe.)

So, I had an incident today with a chicken who nearly had her head cut off, but I truly feel like a chicken with its head fully cut off. My life is completely INSANE right now -- choir concert this weekend, conferences next week, and I am also participating in two presentations for the Midwest AEYC conference a week from tomorrow. I'm about ready to bash my head into a wall. So, if I am a little scatty lately and/or don't post or comment very often, I apologise! (Chelsea, I am staging a protest and will comment on your NEXT post. Tee hee. I'm feeling silly and OVERTIRED right now!)

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Anonymous said...

Hee hee hee. I can just picture the kids forming a wall for Miss Chick. That is hilarious!! And poor Catherine for having to teach them that lesson the hard way (though probably more valuable than just telling them!!)! :D