Sunday, April 17, 2005

stuff and nonsense

What a nice weekend! After last weekend when I was running insanely from one thing to the next all weekend long, it was nice to take a break this weekend. I read a lot, went to the movies, saw the very last performance of "Martha Stewart's Prison Jamboree" on Saturday night, had dinner at the Green Mill with friends, and walked a long time with Christine today! I also got a few things done -- laundry, dishes, etc. Mark of a great weekend if you ask me!


Anonymous said...


I'm Chelsea's friend, Melissa. I saw on your last posting that you were experiencing a comment drought. So I'm commenting.

I like your colored dots on your website. Very funky. And where did you pick up "stuff and nonsense?" ANNE OF GREEN GABLES? It makes me think of Marilla.

How do you know Chelsea?


Anonymous said...

Hey, there's Melissa!! Hi Melissa! *waves excitedly* That's so cool--internet networking! :D