Saturday, December 20, 2008

feeding the elves

My friends Ann and Tiffany came over tonight to help me decorate Christmas cookies! Before we frostened, sprinkled, licked fingers, ate a couple of cookies, and generally experienced a major sugar-overload, I did make dinner for the three of us:
Moosewood's Black Bean and Chipotle Soup, with Skillet Cornbread (from Veganomicon) on the side.

Tiffany and Ann were great elves -- we had all of the cookies decorated in less than an hour! We were pretty silly and sugared up by the end, and wanted to try and make a really ugly cookie:
It's not that ugly, actually! We swirled together all four colors of frosting that I made, and loaded on the sprinkles that had collected in each of our cake pans we were working over.

I'll post about ALL of the cookies soon, I promise!


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Hooray for decorating cookies with friends (LOVE YOUR COOKIE!! So colorful) and for MORE great eats!! :-)

J said...

That was really nice of your friends to come help you out with your baking adventures. I bet that was a blast, and I love your "ugly" cookie. That would probably be what my best one would look like! :-)

And that soup - I'd have helped you make cookies just to have some of that soup and cornbread.