Sunday, May 10, 2009

exercise woes.

Since I've started working full-time at the kitchenwares store, (due to my layoff, blah blah,) I have lost almost all motivation to exercise. I think I forgot how physically demanding being on my feet for 8 (or sometimes 12!) hours per day can be!

Because I've been so physically exhausted when getting home from work these days, I've been feeling mentally exhausted as well -- not a good combination when you're trying to stay positive about being underemployed and searching for a new job! So, I decided to do something about this problem tonight -- I walked home from work, (took about an hour, but I did run one errand on my way home,) and I also did 30 minutes of yoga later in the evening.

You know, I've really been missing the yoga lately. I should try and get back into the habit of daily (or nearly daily) yoga that I developed in March! It's good for my whole self, and I should really make it a priority.

Guess what else I'm excited about, exercise wise? My BIKE!! Weeee! I love to ride my bike! In my opinion, the best part about biking is flying past cars in a traffic jam. Ha, ha, there I go, greener and faster!

So, I guess in the end, these aren't really exercise woes. Just ramblings.


Sharon said...

Hahaha, bike riding is the best!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's so hard to work out when you're tired! I know that if I didn't do my sweating early in the a.m., it wouldn't happen because I'd have too many other things to do by the end of the day.
That's great that you walked home! Can you bike to work? I bike everywhere, and though I do get wet sometimes, it's so cool to pass the lazy losers in their cars - especially in the morning when I drop Guppy off at school and there is a 1 km back-up!

Bex said...

I have a ridiculous time working out after I get home from work. This is why my working out is so crap. I'm trying to get it in first thing in the morning, that seems to work best for me as long as I wake up.

And as for the burgers, yes gluten works wonders, you'll want to just work the mixture until your seeing the gluten strands forming (Joanna mentions this in her entry. That's what holds it all together.

Anonymous said...

Good for you for walking home from work! And then yoga on top of that?! You are my hero--I am waaaay to beat after a long day of work to workout after I get done (which is why I do it in the morning). Have you gotten your bike tuned up this year yet? Biking to work would be faster than walking, obviously, and you would get some exercise too!


Anonymous said...

Sorry you're having trouble staying focused and motivated. It is completely understandable when you're stressed out. I hope things get better for you soon.