Saturday, May 16, 2009

weekly haul, pt. deux, and tasty meals!

I spent $33 at the Farmer's Market this morning, and came home with the following:


TWO POUNDS of asparagus, rhubarb, tomatoes, mixed field greens, buckwheat honey, maple syrup, and basil! All local (MN or WI,) and all delicious!

When we arrived home, I made lunch:


I finally got around to making the "Chickpea Cutlets" from VCON, and also made the mustard sauce to accompany. Deeeeeeeeeeeelicious! (Especially that mustard sauce! Dan would have licked the saucepan had I allowed him to.) :) Sauteed chard and roasted sweet potatoes on the side.

And later, I made dinner:


I put many of our Farmer's Market finds to good use, tucked away in a fantastic pizza! Half-wholegrain crust as a base, with homemade peso, local mozzarella, parmesan, asparagus, sliced tomato, and sliced garlic to top. (I made a quick side salad of local spinach, local cherry tomatoes, and nonlocal cucumber to accompany.)

It has been one heck of a delicious day! Asparagus may be one of my new favorite pizza toppings.

So here's a question . . . what are some of your favorite pizza toppings?


P.S. Attention all Twin Cities vegans and dairy-intolerant folks -- I noticed this week that the Wedge co-op has started carrying Teese. I've never tried it myself, (since I do enjoy dairy cheese on occasion,) but I've heard fabulous things. I may pick some up for a pizza sometime soon, though, just to see what all the fuss is about!


Regina said...

Your pizza topping selection sounds absolutely perfect to me! :)
But I also like sliced red onions. Just out of curiosity, which farmer's market did you visit?

Sharon said...

Asparagus?! What a great idea! I usually add zucchini, but asparagus sounds great!

Catherine Weber said...

Regina, I usually go to the main Minneapolis Farmer's Market -- kind of in north?

Anonymous said...

You got MORE honey?! Have you really gone through all that we got a few weeks ago?!

That pizza looks delish--asparagus on pizza is brilliant!


Catherine Weber said...

Courtney, no silly! We haven't gone through that big jar yet. Dan just likes buckwheat honey in his tea, and we've been out for a while, and saw some at a good price this week! :)

Anonymous said...

I just love asparagus! And I love it on pizza - ok, I love pretty much anything on pizza, I confess...