Friday, May 22, 2009

thank you, Crystal!

Dinner tonight came straight from Crystal, of Cafe Cyan. I made the recipe she posted for "Tempeh Nicoise," and I must say, this was one of the greatest meals we've had in a LONG time. Thanks for sharing the recipe, Crystal!

Here's the salad, in all of its veggie-riffic glory:
(And yes, that vinaigrette is guzzle-worthy. I found it tasted quite strong to me at first, but after an afternoon mellowing in the fridge, it's FANTATSIC!)

And I added a side to go with our salads:
"Za'atar Flatbread," from Artisan Bread, and yogurt cheese, topped with an extra sprinkle of za'atar and a drizzle of (really excellent) olive oil.

And of course, there was dessert, too:
Homemade strawberry-rhubarb crisp, with homemade vanilla bean ice cream for dessert. Yummy!


Farmer's Market tomorrow -- weee! Until then.


Anonymous said...

Wow- I don't know where to start because it all looks delicious - I think I'm mostly in love with the crisp, though. I just love summer fruits!

Crystal said...

AWESOME! I'm glad you liked it. Seriously, I love it too!! Your salad looks great - yum. Too bad I don't have any tempeh in the refrigerator or else I'd totally make this again.

Thanks for the shout out!