Friday, May 15, 2009

the weekly haul, part 1 of 2

Since growing season is slowly getting started 'round these here parts, I've found my list for the co-op is becoming shorter each week, and my list for the Farmer's Market lengthens! Here's what I picked up this afternoon at the co-op:


organic chickpeas
organic walnuts
organic, whole-wheat fusilli
locally-roasted, organic, fair-trade coffee

local fresh mozzarella

organic coconut oil
wild capers
Crystal hot sauce
organic no-stir peanut butter
"Red Zinger" tea
"Moroccan Pomegranate Red" tea
Seventh Generation TP

organic bananas
organic mangoes
organic green chard
organic cilantro
organic green onions
organic red bell pepper
organic sweet potatoes
organic fuji apples
organic cherry tomatoes

Watermelon Chill "Naked Juice" smoothie

AND, add on a package of Earth Balance to the list, (not pictured,) since I FORGOT to pick some up and had to run back later in the afternoon. Baking crisis averted!


Meal plan for the weekend:
Friday dinner: out (we have free coupons!)
Saturday lunch: chickpea cutlets with mustard sauce from VCON, baked sweet potatoes, sauteed greens
Saturday dinner: PIZZA!

I'm also planning on making the quinoa and black bean salad from VCON, and a toss-together pasta salad to have on hand for work lunches/dinners.

I've been musing about how my meal planning will change in just a short period of time . . . Dan moves in in two weeks! We'll have to figure out how many meals per week we'll be home for at the same time, and plan for plenty of leftovers!


Stay tuned for part 2, Farmer's Market edition, of the weekly haul! Until tomorrow.


Sharon said...

Oh wow, so exciting with him moving in!!! And love your haul!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the red zinger tea--so yummy!