Saturday, March 26, 2011

Costco day is a good day :)

My friend Courtney has a Costco membership, and a couple of times per year, I tag along, spend way too much money, but have an awesome time in the process! Here is today's overload (and I apologize for the blurriness . . . I didn't realize the picture wasn't awesome until after I had put everything away! Whoops.)

I bought . . .
organic brown rice
organic spring mix (I shared a little with my friend Ann, who joined us)
organic spinach (also shared some with Ann)
kalamata olives
marinated artichoke hearts
ECOS laundry detergent
frozen mixed berries
Sugar in the Raw
roasted red peppers
mini bell peppers
organic peanut butter
Jelly Belly jellybeans
fresh salsa
sugar snap peas
organic salted butter
a baby watermelon (part of a 2-pack I split with Ann)
fresh artichokes
fat-free Greek yogurt
a papaya
whole almonds
organic diced tomatoes (part of an 8-pack I split with Ann)
baby bella mushrooms
green beans (I split the package pictured with Ann)
broccoli (I split the package pictured with Ann)
sweet potatoes (I actually only squeezed a few of the case I bought in the photo!)

My total? Just under $180, for ALL of that food! I still can't believe it!

How do you feel about Costco? In general, I do prefer to buy as much organic and/or local as possible, and I am a member of my co-op and enjoy shopping there. However . . . it is hard to say no to Costco's prices! (It was also nice to see families there, stocking up on produce -- how else could you feed a pile of kids on a very limited budget?)

I'll return later with my daily FLOG!

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MeloMeals said...

great deals!

At some point in my life, I will be able to afford to eat the way my conscious tells me to (biggest reason I'm vegan..!).. and by all local/organic.. but for now I do what I can do.