Monday, March 14, 2011

two weekend meals

I managed to get a little cooking done this weekend! Woo!

First, I made this gorgeous multi-bean soup:

I loosely followed a recipe from Cook's Illustrated for this one, but made a few changes to make it vegetarian. I still have a stash of "calico beans" that I bought in the co-op in Grand Marais last summer, so they worked perfectly for this dish. I also used up the leftover vegetarian ham that I bought to make "Green Eggs and Ham" with the kids last week -- woo! I love repurposing leftovers. Anyhow, the soup was fantastic! Rich and beany. Reminded me of regular ol' ham and bean soup, but with more veggies. Yum! Alongside, I had a slice of Honey Oat Quick Bread, which was delicious, too!

And, a wonderful Thai curry:

I popped in to the Asian grocery store late last week, and grabbed some tofu, coconut milk, and veggies . . . which resulted in a delicious Thai curry, thanks to the huge variety of curry pastes I have on hand. :) I have been trying to use up the huge stash of dry goods I have at my house right now, so I cooked up some Bhutanese red rice to serve the curry over -- fantastic! I love the rice's beautiful color, and that it only takes 20 minutes to make!

Ugh . . . can't believe it's Monday already. That weekend flew by! (Probably because we lost that hour due to Daylight Savings, right?) ;)

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MeloMeals said...

Oh, that Thai Stir Fry looks so good!