Sunday, March 27, 2011



Managed to make it through church without hunger pangs again this week . . . probably because I stuffed myself silly with this awesome breakfast burrito!


Finishing up the leftover dal, some leftover red rice, and samosas from the freezer. I ended up freezing about a cup of dal for another time, since I'm so sick of eating it right now, but don't want to waste it. :)


raspberry oatmeal bar


Another pile of leftovers that I am desperately sick of, but tried my best with. It helped to add cheese and avocado to the beans and rice. I didn't end up finishing all of the greens or rice, since I was sort of saving room for . . .

a triple-chocolate and coconut cookie from the Wedge deli. :)

Off to get some stuff done in the kitchen and get ready for the week. 'Night!

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Emily said...

Dal freezes SO well, I need to make some more! It is such a nice surprise after you haven't had it in a while. :)