Saturday, March 05, 2011

stress = nesting?

I was reading some article in the Oprah magazine this afternoon, and there was a bit about how men and women handle stress differently. Men release cortisol and testosterone, which are the "fight or flight" hormones, and women do, too -- but we also release another hormone, (I forget the name, and I'm too lazy to look it up -- sorry!) which they call the "nesting" hormone. The article said something like, "men respond 'fight, or flight!' while women respond, 'fight or flight - but is everyone wearing a warm sweater?'"

This is too true, isn't it? The article went on to explain that women often respond to stress by cleaning, re-decorating, cooking, shopping/stocking up on essentials, etc. I can't tell you how many times I've managed stress with a baking project! And I remember listening to one of my friends this summer who, after breaking up with her boyfriend, gut-cleaned her entire apartment top to bottom, went through all of her stuff and made a big purge to the Goodwill, and re-arranged her furniture.

It's been another stressful weekend for me. I respond with pumpkin cinnamon rolls!

Mmmmmmmmmm! Unfortunately, stress also zaps my appetite, so if you happen within 100 yards of my apartment, please stop up for a cinnamon roll! :)

I also gut-cleaned the kitchen this afternoon, and ran a TON of errands today. I'm pooped! If I find myself with a burst of energy later this afternoon, I might make something awesome for dinner . . . if not, it's leftovers, all the way!

In unrelated stuff, I saw a bit about Joe Wirtheim in Martha Stewart Living . . . and can I just say, I want one of EVERYTHING in his Etsy shop? Please? Especially the "Eat Real Food" poster?

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Crystal said...

Pumpkin cinnamon rolls? Yum!