Friday, March 25, 2011



pumpkin smoothie! (I'm going to have to buy another can of pumpkin, because these are sooooooooooo good!)


pumpkin, millet, and chocolate chip muffin. (I guess it's a pumpkiny day?)


Since I was STILL HUNGRY after two mini-breakfasts, I also enjoyed a slice of Grandma Joyce's "sock-it-to-me" coffee cake. :)


repeat of last night's dinner . . . leftover pizza, with a spinach, pecan, dried cranberry, and bleu cheese salad. Mmmmm!

and a handfull of . . .


red bartlett pear


Tiffany suggested Cafe Latte for dinner, which I haven't been to in AGES, so I thought, why not? :) I totally pigged out and had a giant Caesar salad with artichokes and olives (and homemade croutons!), a "spread sampler" with guacamole and egg salad, (although I couldn't finish all of that delicious bread, even with Tiffany's help,) and a slice of cherry-almond cheesecake for dessert. Now, the food at Latte is always good, but really, I go there for the desserts . . . and their cheesecake NEVER disappoints. It is dense and creamy and rich, not overly sweet, and absolutely perfect! (Plus, they use a shortbread crust, which I find far superior to a graham-cracker crumb crust.)

I am now nursing a cup of "Gypsy Cold Care" tea, since I can't seem to kick this mild congestion/fatigue business. Sigh. An early Friday night for me, I think!

Happy weekend to all!


Emily said...

Enjoy your dinner out! I made my first smoothie (since summer/fall) last night for a snack today - I'll just have to chase it with hot tea!

Anonymous said...

I have never been to Cafe Latte before, but have always wanted to go. It looks good!


Liz said...

Cafe Latte is pretty fantastic- I always forget how much I like it! Love a choice of 6 different soups!