Sunday, March 20, 2011

this week's haul

I haven't posted my weekly grocery shop in a while, have I? Lately, I have been "grabbing when I can" -- dashing to the Asian grocery store or Mississippi Market during my break, picking up a few things at Target on my way home, popping into the Wedge for a few essentials sometime over the weekend, etc. This week, however, I returned to my beloved Wedge for my week's haul. The loot:

Rudi's organic 7-Grain Flax bread

organic walnuts
Equal Exchange breakfast blend coffee
organic brown basmati rice

local blue
local habanero jack

deluxe burrito (not pictured . . . consumed immediately!)

local, organic orange juice concentrate
organic mangoes
blueberries (on sale!)
Marion blackberries (on sale!)

Preserve razor refills

organic dark brown sugar
organic refried black beans
harvest whole wheat crackers
Dr. Kracker flatbreads

organic bananas
organic pink lady apples
organic avocadoes
organic CaraCara oranges
organic red bartlett pears
organic rainbow chard
organic fennel
organic spinach
organic mixed baby greens
organic Yukon Gold potatoes
local, hydroponic tomatoes
golden raspberries

plain Greek yogurt
local, organic eggs

I might try and start a FLOG tomorrow, even just for one week. We shall see. :)

1 comment:

MeloMeals said...

I love your grocery posts.. I'm so nosy and interested in what other people buy.. especially other single people. My son is never here anymore, so it's been pretty much me just cooking for me..

Re Photography... I can work out something with you.. My normal rates are $150 for the shoot itself and then you order whatever prints you want (I put them all up online and you order directly from there.. once you order a print I will also give you the digital file.. but I only do that when you order prints because of the quality issue.. my lab produced a high quality product you won't get from a Wal Mart printer.. but you will have the rights to print additional prints wherever you'd like)... but like I said, I can work something out with you!