Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have another long day ahead of me today, (church choir practice tonight,) so I'm all packed up and ready to go again!


pumpkin smoothie, made with plain Greek yogurt, canned pumpkin, a frozen banana, a little agave, some pumpkin pie spice, and orange juice


pumpkin chocolate chip muffin!


the last of the stir-fry (finally!), some diced mango, and a raspberry oatmeal bar
AND, some mac and cheese and sliced cucumbers with ranch dressing (part of the kids' lunch, and I couldn't say no! Mmmmmmmm salty, creamy mac and cheese!)


another apple-fennel-walnut-bleu cheese salad (a weird snack, I realize, but it will up my veggie quota for the day!)


provolone, avocado, spinach, tomato, and Vegenaise on whole-wheat bread, and a red bartlett pear
not pictured: one of Laura's toffee bars during church choir practice break time (shout out to Laura! Thanks for the ride home, and hope you are reading this!)

Happy hump day!


Ali said...

Hi Catherine!
I am loving your FLOG. I have no idea what weird voyeuristic impulse makes it so fascinating but I love seeing what others are eating!

Thanks for sharing - and your food looks delicious!

Emily said...

Such a good meal packer! I love the idea of a salad for snack - especially that one, it sounds amazing!

Erin said...

I never thoguht to make a pumpkin smoothie. Good thing I have some in my fridge right now to try it out! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Your smoothie color is so pretty! I love it when people FLOG...thanks for doing it!

MeloMeals said...

YUM... that smoothie... and I love the salad as a snack

Anonymous said...

Haha, I'm definitely reading this! Love you blog!