Tuesday, April 05, 2005

silly sock

Today I have a funny story from work . . .

We went hiking this afternoon, and as we were coming back on to the playground, we had to cross a very very muddy patch outside our bottom gate. One of the children got her boot stuck in the mud; she then lost her balance and did a complete faceplant into the mud -- covered head to toe in muck! She pushed herself up, looked around, and went to take a step. Of course her foot came out of her boot, which was stuck in the mud. She then put her socked foot right down into the mud. She picked her foot up and said, almost to herself, "oh. I think I need a new sock."

What a sweetie. She's covered in mud, and all she thinks of is that she needs a new sock! Ha.

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Anonymous said...

Kids are so funny! I can't wait until Livi starts to talk. :D

P.S. I was LOL at this entry the first time I read it. I didn't comment though....how horrible of me. ;)