Thursday, May 29, 2008

MON 26 MAY: Galleries, Gunflint Tavern

One of the neatest, (and hippest,) things about Grand Marais is the general hippie vibe -- local, organic restaurants, a county co-op, and tons of art galleries featuring local artists! We browsed through several galleries, dodging in and out of the raindrops, and warmed up a little bit. We ended up finding several collages in one of the galleries by Dan's best friend's brother, Mike Sweere. It was sort of surreal -- we had been to an opening of Mike's earlier this year, and Dan and I both paused at his collages at the same time, doing a double-take. We were really excited, once we figured out where we had seen something like them before!

After we grew tired of gallery-hopping, we decided lunch was in order. (One-and-a-half donuts can only get a person so far, eh?) We scored a window table at the Gunflint Tavern, where we've eaten before, and were excited to patronize again. Dan ordered a cup of coffee and a reuben and I ordered a mug of soy chai (no extra charge for the soymilk!) and a bowl of their veggie chili, which came garnished with cheese, sour cream, guacamole, red onion, and blue corn tortilla chips. YUM! The chili was hearty, flavorful, and just spicy enough -- just the thing to warm up with on a cold afternoon.

Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take pictures of our food. But, any restaurant displaying Tibetan prayer flags over their entrance just HAS to be good, right??

After lunch, it was time to head south . . . we had to walk off our lunch, right?

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