Friday, May 16, 2008

yay . . . CHOCOLATE!

A couple of weeks ago, Julie had a little contest on her blog, asking for recipes that would be suitable for her month-long Eat to Live challenge. While I didn't know much about Eat to Live, I read up and offered her my recipe for Sloppy Lentils. She said she'd choose the best recipe, and the winner would receive a package of delicious chocolate goodies in the mail, since she can't have chocolate on Eat to Live. She decided to draw names from a hat instead, since all the recipes sounded fabulous to her, and I won!! My chocolate package arrived today -- thanks, Julie!! Lookit:
Julie wrote me a nice note, and included some chocolate-covered pretzels, and two Trader Joe's dark chocolate bars -- one pure dark chocolate, and one with a dark chocolate truffle center.

Dan and I enjoyed part of the truffle bar with our picnic supper tonight -- I packed up some Greek-inspired pasta salad (about the same one I always make, and it's always good!), crackers, (homemade) hummus, apples, the chocolate, a big Nalgene full of water, and a blanket, and we set out for Lake of the Isles. After supper, we ditched our picnic stuff in the car, walked around the lake, and stopped at Sebastian Joe's for blueberry sorbet on the way home.

I'm SO glad it's finally spring!


J said...

How exciting! A box in the mail full of chocolate and a delightful sounding picnic! Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

Oh, and any of that extra chocolate...I'd be happy to take off your hands. ;-)

Monika K said...

How lovely. Chocolate, a picnic and strolling around the lake? Sounds like the perfect day!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yay! I was so worried the chocolate would be liquid before it reached you. We had the Sloppy Lentils Thursday night. Matt (my bf) is seriously in LOVE with them!! He ate two servings on ww buns :)

Hungry Hungry Dancer said...

CONGRATS!!!! I've been craving chocolate lately but I dont have any vegan chocolate in my house at the moment... this reminds me that I definately have to go out and get some!



bazu said...

Oooh, lucky girl! Those Trader Joe's chocolates are truly wonderful.

By the way, I posted muffins for you! =)