Monday, January 10, 2011

it's tamale time . . . finally!

Remember way back in December when I talked about making tamales? And then we never ate them? (Being sick over the holidays has its disadvantages!) Well, I finally decided to bust a couple out of the double freezer bag, steam 'em up, and smother 'em with mole for my dinner tonight!

These are Eating Well's Squash, Black Bean, and Goat Cheese Tamales, smothered with Three Sisters Black Mole. Yum yum yum! It's kind of fun, having a special Monday night dinner. :) A few things I discovered about these recipes:

1. The mole keeps much longer in the refrigerator than suggested. (Well, at least mine is still fine!) It also freezes well, since the recipe makes practically a GALLON!
2. The tamales froze beautifully. I added an extra ten minutes to the steaming time, and that seemed to work just fine.
3. The tamales swell considerably with steaming. Keep in mind when you are deciding portions! I made myself two tonight, but probably would have been fine just with one.
4. The tamales will come out of the steamer still a little gummy, but will firm up nicely as they start to cool a little bit. Have no fear!

While this wasn't exactly an EASY recipe to make, they sure are fun to eat! It would totally be worth making them ahead again, to have on hand for special occasions . . . like snowy Monday nights! :)

I have been a busy little bee tonight, and still have a few things to check off my list before heading for bed. G'night!


Anonymous said...

This sounds like such a perfect recipe for me to make with all this time on my hands!

Emily said...

Very impressive Monday night dinner! :) My first tamale was an iguana one when I was 5 years old in Mexico :) I think it was ok!!

Emily said...

Sorry if that is disturbing to you...I know you are vegetarian!!!

Vic Robinson said...

Tamales?!?! I made enchiladas tonight....we should have combined efforts! :)

MeloMeals said...

Yum! That looks sooo good!