Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Today's been a typical Tuesday. Work (we made granola for snack this afternoon -- and they gobbled it down!,) run to the grocery store after work for cooking project supplies for tomorrow (a parent is coming in to make fondue with the kids!) came home and made dinner (a pita pizza and halved grape tomatoes dressed with a little salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar,) disappointment that Gilmore Girls is still in reruns, and then I did "Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss." That DVD kicks my butt, and my abs are going to ache like crazy tomorrow!

See, many of you know I'm working on losing a little weight . . . and I've already lost about 12 pounds. Well . . . I have about 12 more to go, my deadline is approaching quickly, and I'm sick to death of being hungry all day long! So . . . I'm working on incorporating a little more exercise -- walking, yoga, etc. If any of you have words of wisdom and/or encouragement, I could sure use them! AND . . . if you ever want to go for a walk, let me know! (I'm trying to walk during the week now, too, even though I spend most of my day chasing around preschoolers and tromping through the woods!)

I should get moving -- pack a lunch, shower, etc. Until tomorrow, my friends!

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