Friday, March 18, 2005

Spring? Break

It's the freakin' middle of March and it snowed a bunch today. Phooey. (At least it didn't snow enough in Minneapolis to force a snow emergency. Well, it didn't snow enough YET.)

The kids at work are so stinking sick of snow, snow clothes, getting pelted in the face with bits of frozen, whipped water when you're trying to play, etc. I'm sick of it, they're sick of it, we're all sick of it.

The best part? This evening officially begins my Spring Break. Ha. Fine title.

I also found it funny that it took me less than 40 minutes to get home (I didn't leave work until after 6, however,) the roads were mostly dry and plowed, there was almost no traffic, and both my babysitting job and my plans with friends cancelled tonight due to the weather. Huh. I just didn't think the driving conditions were THAT bad?? Poor Epic Hero -- I hope there were at least a few people at the show. (Ha. I just made a type-o -- I typed "snow" instead of "show." Wonder why?)

Damn, damn snow. I'm cranky and going to go read a magazine now -- I'll stop griping because I'm sure you're equally depressed about the snow. Or you're somewhere else and thinking I'm completely nuts.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, pretty blog! :D

Anonymous said...

Come see my blog for another good buried in the snow picture!! :D

Catherine Weber said...

Yes, I thought I'd change the template to something more spring-ey . . . at least I can pretend it's spring when looking at my blog?

That shot of Livi lolling around in a giant snowbank IS pretty hilarious!