Saturday, March 26, 2005

nearing the end of spring break . . .

I spent the day running errands and getting stuff done around the apartment today. Sigh. Only 1 more day of spring break left! I started working on some paperwork for work -- sorting observations of children and reworking the spring conference form. Now, we all have things about our job that we like, and things that we don't like. For the most part, I really like my job -- but I despise conference write-ups. I believe parent/teacher conferences are extremely important; however, I think the amount of time we teachers spend preparing for them is ridiculous, for a couple of reasons:

1. Most parents sit and nod their heads during the conference, then take the write up home and never read it
2. Most parents know their child pretty well and don't need me to tell them what they already know
3. There's never enough time to talk about what the parents want to talk about, which, I think, should be the whole point of conferences
4. We don't give parents a chance to read through the write-ups in advance (no chance to prepare questions!)
5. The way my new job does conferences is FAR too subjective for my liking -- too much opinion-sharing, and not nearly enough facts.

Ah, well. It's highly likely that you will be hearing more and more about how much I hate doing conference write-ups over the next couple of months -- it's that time of the year. I'll spare you for now.

In other news . . .

I also walked around Lake of the Isles today. And I lost my car. Ha! (Well, I was so busy listening to my music that I totally walked past my car without noticing, and had to double back once I realized what I had done.) Silly Catherine.

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