Sunday, March 13, 2005

the great cookie caper

I just had the most fun babysitting I think I've ever had. I fed the boys dinner, they made shrinky-dinks, we made chocolate chip cookies, (the Nestle Tollhouse kind -- I don't need to post the recipe, do I?) and they decided to pack up the extra cookies on a plate and hide them for their parents. There was flour, sugar, and walnuts ALL over their kitchen, but it was totally worth it! They created this whole treasure/scavenger hunt thing -- they left clues all over the house in a sequence, leading up to the plate of cookies at the end! It was so sweet, and their parents were thrilled when they got home.

Plus, I made fifty bucks! In my mind, any event that involves chocolate chip cookies and fifty bucks is a success.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I just typed this huge comment and then it got erased. Bummer. I was going to say that I would love to have $50 and some chocolate chip cookies.

The other day I made a devils food cake from scratch (thanks to the original Betty Crocker cookbook). I even made two 9" layers and stacked them with frosting in the middle! It was by far the coolest cake I have ever made. Plus, I read a hint somewhere that if you are stacking cake layers you should cut off the rounded part of the top of the cake so they are easier to stack. Voila--instant chocolate snack for me!! :D

Catherine Weber said...

What kind of frosting?

Sounds like a good time baking in the kitchen! You should post your recipe on your blog!

I just picked up a copy of Alton Brown's I'm Just Here For More Food, and read a long and lengthy part about how to split a layer cake this morning. I have minimal success splitting layer cakes, so I just own four cake pans, and bake really skinny layers. And then I saw off the bumpy parts on top so they lay flat!!!!

Anonymous said...

cream cheese frosting. mmmmmmmmmmm! :D

Catherine Weber said...

You could put cream cheese frosting on a stick and I'd eat it.

(I'm thinking a stick, like, a knobby one out of the woods or something. Meaning I'd eat the stick, too -- I eat marshmallows toasted off of sticks all the time -- but I don't actually eat the stick.)

(Not like the State Fair . . . although . . . deep-fried frozen cream-cheese frosting? Huh. Interesting.)