Monday, March 07, 2005

creepy old guys and curry chicken

Normal day at work today . . . nothing terribly spectacular. We had edamame for snack -- some of the kids were really excited, some were totally grossed out.

I walked over to Emily's for dinner this evening! Some creepy old guys in a car harassed me on my way there -- honked the horn and rolled the windows down and everything. I really wonder on what planet they grew up where that kind of behavior was okay? This particular harassment was pretty spectacular -- plenty of expletives and references to sexual propositions. Nothing out of the ordinary, though -- as Christine can attest, it just comes with being a single girl in the city. Smarmy old guys -- annoying, but harmless.

Anyhow, Em made curry chicken with apples and golden raisins, couscous, and steamed spinach -- yum! Thanks Em! All she told me about the chicken were some of the ingredients (I think we got sidetracked and forgot to finish our conversation about the food,) which were chicken, golden raisins, chopped apple, water, honey, and curry powder. The golden raisins and apples were mighty delicious mixed in with the couscous!

I love eating at other people's houses -- I like to find out what everyone else likes to cook and eat on a regular basis. It inspires me to try (more) new things in my own kitchen!

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