Monday, March 14, 2005

Spring Fever

I have to say, I am officially, completely, 100% sick of winter. It's the middle of March . . . I'm not asking for 60s or anything, but would 45 be so difficult? I'm sick of snowpants and snowboots at work, sick of freezing my butt off any time I walk anywhere outside, sick of everything being bare and brown and nasty. Since all the snow melted, outdoors is looking a little bleak.

I'm also sick of winter food. I want fresh berries, peaches, salads, light and happy stuff. But it's friggin' freezing out, and the last thing I want to eat right now is a salad. I had tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Don't get me wrong . . . I love tomato soup and grilled cheese, even in July. But right now, I'd really prefer the beginnings of spring, at least!!

I discovered a new healthy eating magazine and website today: Go check it out, unless you are having spring food cravings like I am -- in that case, wait a couple of weeks until the weather is warmer. It's covered with pictures of lemons and greens and other yummy spring/summer food.

I'm also ready for spring and summer clothes. (I rarely say that, but with the recent weight loss I've experienced, everything fits better!) I'm so sick of black and turtlenecks, I could scream. (Well, I'm never really sick of black . . . I'd just rather wear a cute black t-shirt than my lovely but overworn as of late black cashmere turtleneck.) I'm also sick of wool socks, sweatshirts, and other forms of winter gear, including but not limited to, gaiters, wool stocking caps, down mittens, and scarves.

Despite my angst about the weather, I AM actually enjoying my day off. I slept in a lot, read a cookbook, walked around Lake Harriet, got quarters and stamps, got a cup of coffee, and browsed around Patina. I think I've finally thawed out from my walk around the lake, so now I'm procrastinating starting my laundry. I am nothing if not a procrastinator.

That would be a silly name for a band: The Procrastinators. Ha, ha.

Here's a question: what's the silliest name for a band you can think of? Post comments, my friends!


Anonymous said...

See, I told you you would get a lot of use out of that turtleneck. ;)

And a silly band name... How about "The Fish Sticks"? That's what we had for lunch today (well actually fillets, but that's not as funny!)

Catherine Weber said...

Now, if I ever join a band, I'm unofficially changing the band name to the Fish Sticks. Smokin'.

~ C