Tuesday, March 22, 2005

the makings of a great haircut

I had a good day today! Lauren and I went out for lunch (French Meadow -- great food, amazing desserts!) and then we went to IKEA. She'd never been, and had some things she wanted to shop for. Hooray IKEA! I think she got most of the things on her mental list, including a kitchen cart/island type thing. We also had cinnamon rolls and coffe. Yum. Then she dropped me off at the Aveda Institute for my haircut before she had to work.

Now, those of you that go or have been to the Institute know, it's kind of a toss-up -- sometimes you get good haircuts, sometimes you get okay haircuts. Well . . . this time I got a GREAT haircut! It was so nice -- Andrew A. listened to what I wanted to happen, cut accordingly, and didn't make me talk the whole time. Hooray! Personally, I'd much prefer staring out the window or something, rather than making meaningless small talk with my hair cutting person. (And I'd also prefer they concentrate on cutting my hair, instead of making conversation!) He also used minimal product, which was nice -- I hate it when I have to come home and wash my hair because it just feels sticky and gross from all the product.

One funny thing did happen at Aveda -- I had to sit on a booster at the shampoo bowl -- apparently, I was too short. :) It was actually incredibly uncomfortable -- it kept sliding out from underneath my butt!

I then walked home from the Aveda Institute . . . a long walk, but nice. Thank goodness for portable tunes!

I'm off to browse a few new cooking and baking websites I've discovered . . . adios!

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