Thursday, October 26, 2006

"I'm not dead yet!"

(Ahem, name that film . . . )

No, I'm not dead -- just insanely busy! I guess that's what happens when you start two brand-new jobs in one week. :) The teaching job has been fine -- I've been in the infant room the past few days, and will continue to be there for the next four weeks, since one of the infant lead teachers is out with back problems. The commute (via city bus,) is uneventful, save for this morning when I MISSED THE BUS (by about ten seconds -- I saw it drive past and shrieked!), and then took the next bus, which turned out to be the wrong "kind" of bus I usually take, and ended up having to walk for 45 minutes, which made me 30 minutes late for work. (No repurcussions, though -- other than comments of, "you walked from WHERE?") Otherwise, there are two women who work at my center who take the same bus as me, so that's kind of nice -- we all sit together and chat during our ride to and from. One of them is vegan, which is awesome! We were talking about vegan cookbooks on our way home tonight. She made one comment tonight that I just thought was awesome, "I just think it's cool you're a vegan, too -- you don't meet too many fellow vegans!" She had never heard of the Post Punk Kitchen, OR Vegan with a Vengeance! The horror! ;-)

The retail job hasn't technically started yet, although I had orientation this week to fill out paperwork, go through the store, etc. I have training next weekend, so after that, I'll actually be on the schedule. Expect posts to be few and far between until after the holiday season -- when working 55+ hours a week plus seeing friends, getting to church choir, and all that normal life stuff like laundry and whatnot, I may not have much web time! Alas.

I also haven't done much cooking this week, beyond sloppy lentils and pasta with TVP and tomato sauce. Hopefully, I'll have a little time to cook this weekend! It's already looking pretty busy, however -- I think I have something going on Friday night, Saturday night, AND Sunday night! I'll report back to you next week, with photos of food, of course! Hope everyone has wonderful weekends!


theONLYtania said...

ahh monty python and the holy grail?

that is neat about meeting another vegan though. i haven't yet here at school, but i'm sure there are a few.

post some food!

Crystal said...

Don't know the movie, I'm bad with things like that.

Way cool about your fellow vegan coworker. That totally rocks!

Have a great weekend - any halloween parties? We'll have to send you a pic of our final costumes. I still can't believe we're actually dressing up.


funwithyourfood said...

I know the quote
it definitely is Monty Python. GREAT movie.

feels like we're all a bit busy- but it's a good thing. :)