Monday, October 02, 2006

I don't heart Beta

I updated to Blogger Beta, and am very, very frustrated now . . . my web browser's old enough, the Beta html buttons do not work. (Translation: I cannot post to my blog from my home computer until I upgrade my browser . . . to the tune of $126!) Expect posts to be few and far between, at least until I get a job and can afford the newest version of OS!

Here's a picture of what I had for dinner last night:
Sloppy lentils, acorn squash, and sauteed kale. To quote Chelsea, "probably more vitamins than most people eat in a week!" :)


Jody from VegChic said...

I love squash...and sloppy lentils to boot. Looks like a great meal, so does your lunchbox!

BTW - I think you can download Firefox for free. I'd be surprised if Firefox won't run on whatever OS you have. I use it instead of Internet Explorer all the time.

Crystal said...

Too bad about the beta thing. We haven't signed up yet and probably stil won't. Hope you can still post somewhat often!!

Dinner looks fantastic - Chelsea is right - it's probably more vitamins than most people eat in a week. :(


Catherine Weber said...

Jody, thanks for that idea! I'm downloading firefox right now.

Crystal, I assume Beta is a good thing, as long as you have a browser that supports it?!?!?!

Eat Peace Please said...

What's up with beta? I signed up and have never had a problem (yet). No complaints. Good luck with it all.

This meal looks awesome Catherine.

funwithyourfood said...

good way to get those vitamins in!


KleoPatra said...

Wow! That is great, Catherine. That is a sandwich after my own heart. So chock full of goodness!! Nicely done.

Nikk said...

I love everything on that plate! Not only is it full of vitamins, but it's really pretty with all those colors and I'm sure it was tasty! :)