Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Thanks to Jody's suggestion, I downloaded Firefox, which looks the same and works better than Safari, and now I can post again! Hooray!

Back to printing out cover letters. I'm going to need to go buy more stamps today.


Heidi and JS said...

Firefox rocks!

I have found that most Blogger blogs look better on Safari and Firefox. There's something wrong with IE.

Personally, I'm a big Firefox fan! Welcome to the world of fast browsers!

~ Heidi

KleoPatra said...

Yay Jody, yay for you being able to post again!! Lookin' forward to seein' what you write and lookin' over your photos as well, Catherine!

Crystal said...

Glad you're back on. Ryan much prefers Firefox as I'm still a IE user (mostly because that's what my jobs have had).

Cover letters...fun stuff.


bazu said...

Firefox is great! Safari has some real issues when it comes to posting on blogger, so I'm glad for you. I was looking at your dinner from the other night, and can't get over the colors and contrasts- beautiful.