Monday, October 09, 2006

"health-conscious" = no surprise here (but fun!)

I got this off of Nikki's blog. Check it out! (P.S. I don't eat fish, obviously.)

You scored as health-conscious vegetarian. You are a health-conscious vegetarian! This means that either your motivation for going veg was/is for health reasons, or if not, you have simply become much more health-conscious after being veg. You are always questioning what you eat on the basis of its healthfullness and naturalness. You might be a "pesco-vegetarian" (fish eating), if you believe that fish flesh is healthy (it's not!). Either way, vegetarianism is a part of your quest for health! More on

health-conscious vegetarian


militant vegan


vegan vixen


welfarist vegetarian


new veggie


quiet vegetarian


lazy vegetarian


What type of vegetarian are you?
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Harmonia said...

I did this over a year or more ago. I should do it again to see how/if I have changed. ;)

Eat Peace Please said...

I'm a militant vegan! Hmmm, some of the questions were one extreme or the other. I do like the categories offered. Here's mine:

militant vegan 83%
health-conscious vegetarian 72%
vegan vixen 67%
quiet vegetarian 28%
welfarist vegetarian 22%
new veggie 6%
lazy vegetarian 0%

Thanks for showing this. We should all tally up.

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

somehow i scored as a militant vegan. :o) your post below is beautiful, catherine! fall is my favorite season and your photos really capture it. i'm jealous that you got to hold a baby goat! what a perfect day & good thing the wagon happened along -- watermelons can get quite heavy! lol! looking forward to your pumpkin pie -- isn't it your favorite kind?

Jody from VegChic said...

What a cool day with the pumpkins goats and apples!

That breakfast beans and rice looks tasty. I may give that a try before I leave for my trip.

BTW - I am apparently a militant vegan. Kind of funny to me as I wouldn't classify myself as militant and certainly have not really tried to convert my family or friends.

Here's my breakdown:
militant vegan 72%
health-conscious vegetarian 39%
vegan vixen 33%
welfarist vegetarian 33%
quiet vegetarian 33%
new veggie 28%
lazy vegetarian 11%

Catherine Weber said...

Harmonia, let us know how you add up!

Leslie, big surprise on the militant vegan thing for you, right? ;-) I was quite surprised that my second scoring was militant vegan, because I do still eat a teensie bit of dairy every now and then . . . ! Odd. Obviously, the quiz is not foolproof!

Vicki, I'm still in love with the baby goat! I'm surprised no one's picked up on the "Dirty Dancing" reference yet . . . !! (I think pumpkin pie might be my favorite kind . . . well, really whatever pie might be in front of me is my favorite kind!)

Jody, I ran out of breakfast beans and rice, and now I'm going to have to hustle up and make some more! Where are you headed on your trip?