Thursday, October 05, 2006

My love affair with pie

Oh baby, do I ever love pie.

Now, I think most dessert lovers are either pie people or cake people. But really, I think most people are pie people -- I have only met one person in my entire life that does not care for pie. (Hello, Marie! I love ya, but I still think you're crazy!) I have also met someone who turns down cake and all manners of dessert (including chocolate chip cookies,) but asked for a lemon merengue pie for his birthday treat.

I am, obviously, a pie person. When I partake of pie, it is nearly always homemade, and nearly always comes from my kitchen. This means I only eat pie once or twice per year. (Pumpkin pie doesn't count, because I make it all of the time, and I usually don't make a crust. So it's really more of a pumpkin custard in a round dish.) I make my crust from scratch, the filling from scratch, and then have a REALLY hard time not hacking into the thing while it is still boiling hot.

Tonight, I made an apple and pear pie. (Why the combination? I didn't have enough apples for a whole pie, and I had two pears that desperately needed to be eaten.) It's not perfect, (my pastry's a bit weak, because I didn't have enough nonhydrogenated shortening, so I used some walnut oil for part of the fat,) but baby, does it taste good.

Here's the whole pie:

And see, I always jump the gun on the first piece, and it oozes all over my plate:
(I guess pie should really be allowed to cool fully before cutting and serving, to give the filling a chance to set, but really, where's the fun in that?)

Now, if you live near me and would like a piece of pie (or two,) please stop on by -- because I really shouldn't eat an entire pie all by myself. I will, but I shouldn't. :) (One more reason I only make pie once or twice a year!)


Anonymous said...

Just because a person does not like pie, that is not a reason to call her crazy. So I have an issue with pastry and that gooey gel that ooze's out. I may be odd, but crazy is taking it too far! :)

Melissa said...

LOL. I'm the same way...who can wait to dig in? Not me...although pie is good when served cold too, I find. I don't live near you but I just might have to move so I can partake! Then you could make it more often ;)

Unknown said...

I love pie too, but I NEVER make it because I too would eat it all.

theONLYtania said...

I want.. to live.. near you!

Nikk said...

I want to live near you too. Pie is so good. And I think it's better than cake in the sense that you can eat more of it without becoming full. :) I'm planning on making/eating some apple pies this weekend! :)

bazu said...

Please bring me some pie! Over at our house, all our pie experiments end up in disaster (but we eat 'em anyway)!

Eat Peace Please said...

If I lived near you (which I totally don't), would I be able to stop by and consume specific out-of-the-oven type meals?!

This pie looks wonderful, and I would eat it just as warm and fast as you.

Anonymous said...

I made pumpkin pie filling (no crust) last night! So good. Your pie looks great...I am not a fan of pie crusts, but the filling sounds amazing! I might be knocking on your door later today....!

Mary Worrell said...

Uh oh, Catherine...I've been thinking about making my Grandma's chocolate chess pie (which I veganized not too long ago) for about a week now.

I don't make a crust from scratch for that one - just a veg frozen one - but I have made a peach pie from scratch - it was a ton of work! i agree - from scratch pies are once a year ordeals.

Joe said...

If we still lived in Minneapolis I would definitely stop over!