Saturday, October 21, 2006

the week of cabbage, cheese, and refined grains

For some unusual reason, the last few days have been extremely strange, dietary-wise, for me! Since I blogged last . . .

~ I skipped dinner on Wednesday night, in favor of an IKEA cinnamon roll, an apple, and a piece of pumpkin bread, to allow for longer shopping time with Michelle. Boy, was I hungry when I got home from choir rehearsal!

~ Thursday, Michelle was over for lunch and we had ALTT sandwiches and coleslaw. (Nothing unusual.)

~ Thursday night, Dan was over for dinner and I made tomato soup (from La Dolce Vegan,)
(the picture does not do it justice . . . my apologies,) and grilled extra-sharp cheddar, avocado, and tomato sandwiches. Mmmmm . . . I had been craving cheese for about three weeks, so I finally decided to give in!

~ Yesterday morning, I ended up going to the Children's Museum with Chelsea and her girls, and then we ate at Mickey's Diner in Downtown Saint Paul for lunch. I had another grilled cheese sandwich (on white bread, obviously), french fries, and coleslaw!

~ Last night, Michelle, Christine, Ann, and I went for dinner to Punch Pizza (Michelle and I both had buy one get one free coupons,) so I had cheese and white flour again! (Oh yes, and a Coke . . . mmmm corn syrup and artificial junk.) Woo-ee! Then, Christine bought a bar of chocolate for dessert, which she shared with all of us, then we went to the Kitty Cat Klub to see The Original Mark Edwards, and I got a beer. (I drink, maybe, a total of ten times a year.) I thik I was as "cracked out" as I could get last night, without actually being on crack!

I am truly surprised that my system isn't in complete revolt right now! I guess we all have our junk food moments, right? :)

Needless to say, I plan on cleaning up my diet this weekend, in preparation for starting my new job on Monday!

Breakfast this morning:
Tofu scramble (get those veggies back in my system, quick!) and two pieces of nice, wholegrain toast with margarine and strawberry all-fruit. It's amazing how incredible healthy food tastes after you've fallen off the wagon for a couple of days!

And now, back to regularly scheduled programming . . . . :)


theONLYtania said...

That tomato soup is gooood huh?

The tofu scramble look so good, I have yet to ever make that. I really really want to. College bites!

laura k said...

Hi there! I like your posts--I especially like that breakfast (is that guac on top of your tofu scramble? genius...), and your ALTT sandwich just sounds incredible. Anyway, this is my first time over at your blog and I just thought I'd tell you, nice work! See you around!

Anonymous said...

I always love getting back on track after eating junk. In any event, sounds like you had a great time - which sometimes requires splurges.

Judy said...

I have days like that too. Sometimes you need to do that, to remind yourself how crappy you feel at the end of it. I always feel so wonderful once I start eating properly again.
Brekkie looks good.

Catherine Weber said...

Tania, that tomato soup recipe is the best EVER! I'm so glad someone passed it along to me!

Laura, that's "sort of" guac on top of my scramble -- avocado mashed with lime juice and salt. When I make guacamole for real, I use onion, garlic, lime juice, Tobasco, salt, and minced cilantro. Thanks for stopping by -- I'll have to check out your blog soon!

Crystal, I thought of you when choosing a soda flavor on Friday night -- I almost had a Diet Coke, and then I thought, "nah -- I'll take sugar over aspartame this time!" I think the aspartame was triggering migraines -- I haven't had a single migraine since we began our challenge!

Judy, what was crazy was, I didn't feel crappy at the end of my couple days of junk food! Mystery. At least I know better and swung back to the healthy side before I did any real damage! ;-) (And, thanks -- my breakfast was awesome!)

Nikk said...

Now I don't feel so bad about my lapses into cheesey territory. Sometimes the cravings take over and I...let them, even though I know I probably shouldn't.

Though, I did just try a line of vegn cheese this weekend that might help with that...