Sunday, September 12, 2010

take THAT, locavores!

I had no idea how local this evening's dinner was until after the fact -- I started ticking off the local ingredients, and realized the only NON local ones were salt and pepper!

Baked mac and cheese, made with local butter, local/organic flour, local/organic milk, local sharp cheddar cheese, local pasta (is South Dakota considered local?), and salt and pepper. Side of local broccoli! Woo!

In other news, this was a silly, mind-reading kind of meal. I was sitting in bed on Friday night, working on the week's meal plan, and thought, "man, I'm really craving mac and cheese . . . with broccoli!" When I asked Dan what he thought he'd like to eat this week, his reply? "Um . . . baked mac and cheese with broccoli!"

Great minds think alike. :)


Emily said...

That mac and cheese looks SO good! And yes, SD is local! :)

Anonymous said...

I love it that you and Dan were both craving the same thing! That is so cute :-)