Monday, September 06, 2010

two Saturdays

Aren't 3-day weekends the BEST? I said to Dan last night that it's like "we get two Saturdays!"

How have your Saturdays been, if you've had the weekend off? We've been BUSY, but mostly with fun stuff, which unfortunately, has left no time for yoga. (I'll double-up on practices today to try and make up for it!) What have we been up to?

Saturday #1:
~ ERRANDS -- farmer's market, regular grocery store, bank, Penzey's, vet, co-op, Middle Eastern market (for groceries AND lunch,) cell phone store, Batteries Plus
~ baking extravaganza! (see yesterday's post)
~ movie at the cheap theatre in Hopkins (we saw "Dinner for Schmucks," which I actually found really funny! I had seen the French film that it was based on several years ago, and I was curious to see the adaptation.)

Saturday #2:
~ met Courtney for breakfast at Common Roots -- I had the "Breakfast Nachos" -- YUM!
~ cell phone store and Batteries Plus AGAIN (but Dan now has a working cell phone!)
~ picnic lunch and hiking with Dan at Wild River and Interstate State Parks:

~ party at friends' of Dan's house (Dan mentioned that it's amazing how mellow parties have become "in our old age" -- we agreed this is a good thing!) where an entire plate of my zucchini cookies were devoured by many friends!

Today, we have NO plans, which is a good thing! I plan to cook, clean and work on the laundry. Doesn't sound terribly exciting, but it all needs to get done, and I'm looking forward to a day at home in yoga pants! Woo!

Hope you have been enjoying your weekend, too!

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