Sunday, September 26, 2010

my favorite thing to do

I asked Dan this morning if he was getting sick of breakfast burritos yet; his reply? "NEVER!" Good, 'cause I don't think I could ever get sick of them either!

While Dan likes his hashbrowns on the side, I prefer mine crammed in the burrito. Dan's comment, "you sort of just like 'em smashed in there, don't you?" Yes!


I think I've decided that my all-time most favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon, at least during the fall, winter, and spring, is stay at home and BAKE. Usually, I'm not all that picky about what I bake, but love the warm apartment, delicious smells, and inevitable treat that I will get to enjoy later.

In my opinion, there is no better baking smell than fresh yeast bread. Hooray! I was happy Crystal and Victoria were ready to return to our bake-a-long, because I've desperately wanted to try out some new bread recipes! This weekend -- Oatmeal Pumpkin Bread:


This bread is heavenly! Soft and chewy, with a beautiful orange color and faint pumpkin taste, I can see making this one again, and again, and again! In fact, if I hadn't already made dinner, I think I could have thrown caution to the wind and eaten a half-loaf of bread with butter for dinner. :) It will make gorgeous toast, and probably a pretty amazing PBJ, too. Mmm!

Speaking of dinner . . .

Tofu Mom's Kale-"Sausage" Soup is always a hit at our house! Dan loves anything containing any form of seitan, (and since it's not my favorite protein source, he doesn't get to enjoy it as often as he'd like,) and we both love kale. A lot. :) I added some cubed red potatoes this time, just for extra heartiness, (and because I have a big bag of potatoes on the counter right now,) and subbed lentils for the usual white beans. Dan's looking forward to having extra seitan sausages left for after-work snacks this week. He likes to eat them cold, dipped in mustard. Hm. Weirdo. (At least warm 'em up or something!!) :)

You know, as long as I had the oven on, I just couldn't help throwing in a little dessert to cap off the weekend . . .

Truthfully, I rarely pull Joy of Cooking off my cookbook shelf, except to serve as a tofu weight, and when I want to make fruit crisp. Best apple crisp ever! I used Regent apples, which have bright white flesh when fresh, and seem to fall apart completely when baked. Lovely!

The kitchen is still a mess, and I need to quickly whip up a batch of almond milk, too. I'm off! Hope you had a good weekend!


aimee said...

Your bread looks heavenly!

Crystal said...

The bread looks awesome - I made a European Peasant loaf this weekend (both for pizza and for bread) and it was so yummy.

Did you use fresh pumpkin or canned one? I'll get mine started this week.