Friday, September 03, 2010

Yoga Month, Day 3

Wow. Today was a VERY long day, at the end of a VERY long week! I had a hard night's sleep last night, and I felt the lack of rest big time today. I was glad I had made tonight's dinner last night, and left baking instructions for Dan -- dinner was ready when I walked in the door!

Spinach and Artichoke Lasagna, made with whole-wheat noodles, and my homemade 5-minute marinara -- using fire-roasted tomatoes! This lasagna was so full of flavor, one square was plenty satisfying for me, with a huge green salad on the side. (Dan went back for seconds . . . and thirds! He likes cheese.) :)

I ended my evening with 25 minutes of "Moon Salutations," from Yoga Download. I've really enjoyed all of the classes I've purchased from these folks, and love that I'm able to load up my iPod with yoga for days that I know I won't have time to fit in a practice at home. (Those breaks at work have to be good for something, right?) Plus, we've recently re-arranged our apartment, and our TV is now in our bedroom -- where there's NO room to do yoga DVDs! I have found I only have to glance at the pictures of the poses the first few times I do a new practice, and then I have them practically memorized. Tonight's practice was slightly rigorous, almost, (the salutations were somewhat quickly flowing for a night-time practice,) but left me feeling relaxed and almost spent -- ready for bed!

Off to crawl into bed with Moosewood Restaurant Simple Suppers -- I spent a long time browsing the cookbook stacks at the library on Friday night, and discovered this gem. I NEED THIS COOKBOOK!

Do you check cookbooks out from your library? I love being able to preview a cookbook, use a few recipes, and browse liberally before deciding to actually buy something!

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Anonymous said...

How does it work when you download yoga to your ipod? Do you watch it on the little screen, or is it all audio instructions with no visuals?

I LOVE getting cookbooks from the library! I requested a few and picked them up from the library today--I am so excited to look through them!