Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's a good thing I'm not superstitious!

Since yesterday was Friday the 13th, I found my receipt for my falafel at the Holy Land Deli particularly funny last night! (The hilighting was my doing, just to draw your attention to all the 13s!)


No pumpkin news to report yet. :) I haven't done the dishes again, so there's no room to cook, (I did do that mountain from the other day, but now there's another mountain that's sprung up out of nowhere! Egah,) but I'm thinking pumpkin muffins for sure, (Vicki, I love the idea of freezing some of the batter to bake off at a later date! I don't have muffin papers . . . hmm . . . !) and maybe a pumpkin pasta (not a filled pasta -- like a noodle or something. I swear I have a recipe somewhere!)


I had a second interview for a teaching job yesterday, too! I should hear early next week . . . here's hopin'!


Eat Peace Please said...

Good luck with the second interview Catherine. Last I remembered you wanted to get away from teaching... is it still preschool or another type?

As for all those 13's wow! I would have run out of the place and been scared to eat (just kidding). I noticed another "13" sort-of on the top right, if you look at the 1 and the 3 vertically. hee hee.

I never ever use gas pump number 13 just because I'm weird... and superstitious.

Anonymous said...

I love the Holy Land Deli (and store)!

Good luck with the job--I hope that your interview went well! I am sure you did great. I hope that you hear sooner rather than later...waiting is so hard!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the interview Catherine, the idea of frozen some of the batter is so great!

Crystal said...

That is crazy about all the 13's! Good eye.

Pumpkin muffins do sound good and freezing the batter is something I have yet to try.

Went by Kitchen Window Sat. night. I wanted to go in, but I'm holding out until we can meet up again :)