Thursday, October 05, 2006


I don't have much to blog about, but I feel like I should hop on for a little bit, at least, and give you an update!

Job: nothing new to report. I keep applying, and applying, and applying -- no new interviews, either. Bah. Unemployment benefits will kick in soon, though, so that's a big help! All I can do is keep searching and searching. I may look into seasonal retail positions, just for some extra cash for the time being.

Food: I have used up most of the fresh food in my house, and am now eating out of my freezer, fridge, and cupboards. Spaghetti with red sauce tastes REALLY good every once in a while, but it's not exactly photo-worthy. :) I'm also looking forward to peanut soba noodles with frozen broccoli and edamame. ;-) When I get to the store and get some more produce, I'll start cooking again and the photos will return! In the meantime, I hope to finally get my butt on the 'puter and do some major editing of the cookbook. I've decided to add another section: side dishes. Anyone have any brilliant titles? I've come up with "Sidecars," or, "Filling out your Plate." The sides section may steal some recipes from the snacks section, which might be kind of tricky, but I guess I'll just have to come up with more snack recipes, or maybe not!

Adventures: I managed a trip to the thrift store with Michelle this week, (nothing purchased by either of us,) and a nice, long hike (i.e., almost 2 hours, and Dan's quite tall, so I was cruisin'!), with Dan yesterday at Fort Snelling State Park. (I neglected to bring the camera; sorry 'bout that one! We were so busy talking, however, I probably wouldn't have taken any pictures anyway.) Oh, I did go for a walk with Ann on Monday night, too -- but nothing terribly noteworthy to report overall! It's been kind of a quiet week.

C'est fini, pour maintenant!


Eat Peace Please said...

Instead of sides, what about "smaller meals". I do like the fill up the plate one.

Thanks for your lil update, and good luck with the job hunt, yuck!

Crystal said...

Fort Snelling - haven't done that one since grade school! Although we do go there for burials and grave visitations of family members.


Harmonia said...

I still enjoyed the post! Have a great weekend!

Catherine Weber said...

Thanks, Leslie! I may go with "Filling up the Plate" after all! It's not like I have to make a decision today or anything, though. :)

Crystal, we actually went to Fort Snelling State Park, which is a couple of exits down Hwy 5 from the airport. (We did end up at Fort Snelling for a couple of minutes, however, because we got lost and Dan hopped out to ask for directions to the state park.)

Thanks, Harmonia! I wish I could enjoy the contents of my fridge as much as you enjoyed the post. :) Me = sick of leftovers. But I have an apple pie in the oven RIGHT NOW, (I had some apples that had seen better days,) so I should have a photo of that later tonight or tomorrow!