Tuesday, August 12, 2008

camp food

I hit the co-op tonight to pick up essentials for our upcoming camping trip this weekend!

local, whole wheat sourdough boule

"Oregon" organic trail mix
fair-trade, organic coffee

local Chevre
local feta

local vegan basil walnut pesto

organic limeade
pitted kalamata olives
artichoke hearts
Yogi tea "rest & relax" sampler
yogurt & green onion kettle chips
spicy thai kettle chips
organic, enriched soy dream
black olive tapenade
IZZE sparkling grapefruit 4-pack

organic broccoli
organic carrots
local, organic cucumber
organic pink lady apples
organic red grapes
organic lemon
local, organic eggplant
organic fennel
local, organic cremini mushrooms
organic yellow bell pepper
two organic red bell peppers
local, organic yellow summer squash
local, organic zucchini
local cherry tomatoes
local, organic fresh rosemary

local hummus
local whole wheat pita (made w/organic flour)


I decided this trip that all of our meals were going to be "already ready," -- no cooking required. Even though all we did last time was grill some tofu dogs, it was still kind of inconvenient, in a sense: we had to build a small fire, make dinner, eat dinner, and somehow manage to put the fire out if we wanted to do more hiking. And of course, we couldn't dump water on the fire, because we'd probably want to build another fire LATER, to enjoy once it got good and dark outside. Conundrum. So, this time, I'm taking all cold foods: granola, veggies and hummus and cheese and olives and pita, "Mediterranean Pressed Picnic Sandwich" and "Chickpea Salad with Fennel and Artichokes," both from recent issues of VT, and tons of beverages, chips, fruit, cookies, and trail mix, too.

OH -- and I bought us a camping teakettle, so we'll be able to have hot coffee in the morning and hot tea at night! This will be important, since the lows are supposed to be in the upper 40s where we're headed this weekend! Brr!


Anonymous said...

Sounds great. Have a wonderful time!

Carrie™ said...

The food you bought sounds great! I'm NOT a camper AT ALL. I've tried it numerous times over the years and I really don't find anything appealling about it. I like to camp at the Holiday Inn. Lots of my friends just love it and if you're like them, I'm sure you'll have the time of your life.

Catherine Weber said...

Idle Loaf, thanks!

Carrie, you're funny! I used to think I was a "Holiday Inn" camper -- but we had SO much fun earlier this summer! I am definitely a fair-weather camper, though -- when it gets cold, we turn into Holiday Inn campers, too! (We still like to be out in the cold . . . just not SLEEPING out in the cold!!)

Rose said...

What a great idea to bring ready made food! Have a fun and safe trip!

J said...

That is a great idea having all sorts of ready-made goodies to take with you. And the tea kettle sounds too cool! I have to be honest, I've never been camping, I was always too much of a "city girl" for that, but as you can tell I have changed VERY MUCH since then, I think I may have to try it. Missouri has all sorts of parks and places we could go. Just gotta get up the nerve. But thanks to your post, I would at least know what kind of food to take with me...