Friday, August 29, 2008

a long day's FLOG

I have a longer day of work today, so I'll be eating breakfast, lunch, and my mid-afternoon snack at work. Here's what I'm packing:

Today's FLOG:

black coffee
homemade granola (soymilk to be added at work)

2 slices of cheese pizza with the kids(our cook is off today, so our assistant director ordered pizza so the kids can have a Friday pizza party!)
salad (see above)
4 Lorna Doone cookies
glass of soymilk

I never ate my tabouli and olives, pictured above. Bummer! However, I did eat a sugar-free popsicle with the kids . . . a fun birthday treat from one of our little ones who just turned 4! However, by the time I finished my popsicle, I had no time left to eat my tabouli -- the kids were ready to go OUTSIDE! So, the tabouli ended up getting ignored. Sorry, tabouli.

Out for Dan's mom's birthday:
They brought us an "amuse bouche," which was a cracker with a bleu cheese, apple, and pecan relish, and also a bread basket -- I ate plenty of (pretty good!) baguette with roasted garlic spread to start. The amuse bouche was also very tasty!
I ordered their pasta special, which was penne with mushrooms, eggplant, summer squash, herbs, and heirloom tomatoes. It was okay -- good, but there was so much oil, it kind of hid the taste of all of those delicate summer veggies! Alas. However, the ambiance and great company made up for the mediocre pasta.

Happy Birthday, Sandy!!


J said...

Happy Birthday to Dan's Mom! I hope you guys have a great time.

I love that you put the salad in an old food jar, what a great idea. You know, you could probably even put the dressing in there at lunch, put the lid on, and shake it all up, and voila! You're ready to go. Thanks for the idea!

Catherine Weber said...

Jennifer, thanks for the creativity props! However, I promise the mason jar was used out of necessity, rather than inspiration. I swear, where the heck have all my containers gotten to?

And I must confess, I put the oil and vinegar on my salad in the AM -- the lettuce wilts a little bit by lunch, but one less container to wash, eh?

Anonymous said...

I second that, what a great way to bring your salad - I store everything in recycled glass jars on my shelves (nuts, seeds, beans, pastas, rice, etc.) and often use them in place of tupperwareish stuff, but why didn't I think of using them for salad? Brilliant!

Steffi said...

I love your flogging and salads in glass jars :) poor tabuli!