Thursday, August 21, 2008

update . . .

Two things:

First, there are not seven, but eight lakes in Minnesota that you cannot see across! Rainy Lake falls into that category, too.

I stand corrected!

Second, we are having to cancel our camping trip this weekend! Something's come up, and we're just going to stick around the city. The answer to the mystery question, however, was Lake Superior -- we had planned on visiting our favored north shore again. Alas . . . we will see big water and eat great food another time! (Thank you to everybody who made guesses, though!)

To close, the question of the evening:
What are your favorite "in town" activities?

Mine are, in no particular order: reading, watching movies, going for walks, going out to eat, cooking, and going to the Farmer's Market!

Let's hope I get to do ALL of those things this weekend!

1 comment:

VeganCowGirl said...

sorry to hear that your trip is canceled.

My favourite in town activity would have to be going to our favourite cafe/bakery and ordering a green tea and salad and reading the guardian or a good book for a couple of hours....and, playing with my kittens.