Sunday, August 03, 2008

birthday pie, birthday breakfast

Dan's birthday was Friday, and we celebrated by going out for Thai food after work! We ordered a couple different vegetarian entrees to share, and unfortunately, had our socks knocked off in the spice department -- when they asked us how hot we wanted our food, we said "medium." They informed us later that they operate on a Thai spicy scale, not an American spicy scale! Whew! The food was still tasty, but we'll order mild-medium next time, for sure. We cooled our palates when we got home by enjoying some of Dan's birthday pie:
Key Lime in a homemae, half-wholegrain crust, topped with freshly whipped, slightly sweetened cream. YUM. The crust was a little tough, since the directions suggested prebaking the crust, then baking it again with the key lime filling. Strange, if you ask me! I definitely won't be doing that next time. Otherwise, the pie was rich, limey, dense, and fantastic! One of Dan's favorites -- he really loves anything citrus!

I did want to cook a birthday meal for him, but since we had gone out Friday night, and had dinner plans with friends Saturday night, I chose birthday breakfast Saturday morning. (Um, really, we're talking birthday brunch Saturday afternoon.)
Mollie Katzen's buttermilk waffle recipe from Sunlight Cafe, majorly altered, since I didn't have a few key ingredients on hand. Even with my significant modifications, these waffles were fantastic! Fluffy, creamy, and rich on the inside, with nice, crispy exteriors. Megan the Vegan's faux breakfast sausages on the side, which Dan has described several times as "WAY better than regular breakfast sausage!" I also made us a quick smoothie from frozen blueberries, frozen raspberries, and orange juice.

I helped out at the store today, so I haven't done any other cooking this weekend. I'm running low on granola again . . . must make another batch! Hopefully I'll have some time this week!


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Happy belated birthday to Dan!! The pie and waffles look grand.

Cody said...

The pie looks yummy. I think most recipes I've read suggest to pre-bake the crust. I've never actually done it, but I don't care for pastry crust. It's cookie/cracker crumbs or nothing, for me.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Dan! I hope he had a good day--it sounds like a nice celebration weekend :o) And what a lucky guy to have you to cook for him--that pie looks delish!