Tuesday, August 26, 2008

can't . . . stop . . . cooking . . .

The tomatoes are almost gone, but until then . . .
. . . I continue to eat salad for breakfast.

Lunch was a repeat from Sunday -- portobello mushroom sandwich, corn, potato salad, and watermelon. Still just as delicious! (No photo -- I was too hungry to wait!)

Dinner tonight was Thai soup with coconut and lemongrass:
This is a favorite of Dan's, and a frequent meal at my house. Soup feels more like fall/winter food to me, but I found lemongrass at the Farmer's Market and, well, I just had to make some soup. :) There's tons of lemongrass leftover, which I minced up and stuck in the freezer. Has anybody else had success with freezing lemongrass? It's so expensive from the grocery store, I don't want to waste this bunch from the Farmer's Market!

Back to work tomorrow . . . for three whole days. :) My four-day stay-at-home-weekend was WONDERFUL!

Question of the Evening:
What's your favorite thing to do with filo dough?
Me? I make a mean baklava. I have half a package of filo leftover, and I sense some buttery, flaky, spicy, nutty, sugariness in my future. (And I'll take half the pan to work, for sure!) However, I'm always open to suggestions! Ideas?


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Love the salad!!

Haha, I'm too intimidated by phyllo dough to work with it ;0)

J said...

That soup looks great! And salad for breakfast sounds great to me!

I've actually never used phyllo dough.

VeganCowGirl said...

love the soup! i like to stuff phyllo with apples, maple syrup and walnuts. i have also made a great squash and onion stuffing.

Carrie™ said...

Ooo, salad looks delicious. I know what you mean about soups. I haven't had any in months. Phyllo dough? Yummy! Dreena's got some good recipes in ED&BV. I made the white bean & walnut one. It was really easy. I blogged about it if you want to see photos.

cedrorum said...

That top picture just makes my mouth water. I've made these great little "stuffed" filo pouches filled with spinach and feta cheese before.

Anonymous said...

That breakfast salad looks delish!