Thursday, August 14, 2008

a confession.

I have a confession to make:

I haven't eaten a single serving of vegetables today.

Now, I must qualify: I have eaten a considerable amount of fruit today, and also, other than the groceries I have set aside for camping deliciousness, I don't have a whole ton of food in my house right now.

Despite slim pickings, I managed to scrape together a reasonably nutritious dinner for two, when Dan stopped by after band practice. Breakfast for dinner is always a lifesaver, eh?
Wholegrain, vegan, blueberry pancakes, and a smoothie made from plain yogurt, banana, pineapple, peach, orange juice, and a squirt of agave.

A cheater dinner, but delicious and "nourishing," to quote Dan. :)

Question of the evening:
What's your favorite "cheater" dinner?


Anonymous said...

Have a great camping trip (I agree about the no-cooking thing, it can get tedious on a camping trip!). My fave cheater dinner is actually the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday!

Ricki said...

We all have days like that. . . and besides, breakfast is always the best meal, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner!!

Ricki said...

We all have days like that. . . and besides, breakfast is always the best meal, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner!!

J said...

Good luck on your camping trip and I hope you guys have a blast. I also hope you will take gorgeous pictures as you did the last time!

Pancakes for dinner and a smoothie sound perfect to me.

My favorite "cheater" dinner would have to be either vegan frozen pizza (topped with either tons of cayenne or Sriracha hot sauce) or the vegetarian fajita burrito from the local Mexican restaurant here called El Rancho - minus cheese and sour cream.

VeganCowGirl said...

yummy dinner!

My favourite cheater meal is, by far, puffed rice (or wheat) with bananas, dates and almond milk!

Anonymous said...

Did you eat extra veggies today to make up for yesterday?! Ha ha--just kidding, like you said, you certainly got your fruits in yesterday! Those pancakes look really good.

My favorite "cheater" meal is actually salad--a really really big salad chock full of whatever veggies and beans I have around. Fast and easy and no cooking required!


Carrie™ said...

Can't go wrong with breakfast for dinner. My favorite "cheater" meal is either frozen pizza or soup & grilled cheese. Little time, little clean up, not high on the nutrition scale, but soooo tasty.
psssst! I've had days where I don't eat any veggies either. I also have days that are so carb heavy, it's a wonder I can haul myself around.

Anonymous said...

I love breakfast for dinner! Your pancakes look especially yummy.

My favorite cheater meals are pb&j or cereal and soy milk.

bazu said...

I'm a big fan of breakfast or brunch for dinner too. I also like the following:

canned baked beans with pita bread
plain garbanzo beans with oil vinegar and herbs
cereal and oatmeal
veggies and dip
soba with a quick peanut sauce, some leftover veggies, or some seaweed and sesame seeds. I love how quickly soba cooks up!