Thursday, August 07, 2008

friends with cars

Thank God for friends with cars! Although I relish my car-free lifestyle 99% of the time, every once in a while, it's nice to have friends with cars. Like tonight, for example -- after I treated both of us to Chipotle for dinner, my friend Ann was kind enough to drive me to the co-op! See why?
I needed a LOT of staples. How is it that I always seem to run out of EVERYTHING, at the SAME TIME??? Anyhow, here's what I bought:

half a pound of local, raw, sliced almonds
pound organic walnuts
3 3/4 pounds local, organic, whole-wheat pastry flour
3 1/4 pounds local "white" flour (bran removed, but germ in tact)
1 pound locally-roasted, organic, fair-trade coffee
2 pounds organic, long-grain brown rice
1 1/4 pounds organic, fair-trade dark chocolate chips
3 1/3 pounds organic, fair-trade natural sugar
dried sulphured apricots
dried cherries

organic sliced peaches
organic pineapple

organic, local garlic powder

Reed's crystalized ginger
organic, vegetarian worcestershire sauce
organic white vinegar
organic canola oil
organic extra-virgin olive oil
organic brown rice vinegar
baking powder
organic, no-stir peanut butter
organic apple cider vinegar
organic tomato juice
fruit-sweetened ketchup
Ener-G egg replacer
organic, low-sodium tamari
organic light agave nectar
organic firm Mori-Nu tofu
2 rolls Seventh Generation toilet paper
big bottle Seventh Generation dish soap
unbleached parchment muffin liners
egg noodles

Kiss My Face soap
three recyclable "Preserve" toothbrushes
NatraCare pantiliners

6 organic bananas
two organic golden kiwi
local, organic, mini yellow watermelon
two organic lemons
6 organic white nectarines
3 heads local, organic garlic
1/2 pound Michigan cherries
organic mixed baby greens
local, organic white button mushrooms
two organic yellow onions
two organic russet potatoes
local cherry tomatoes
fresh figs!

Silk soy creamer
Earth Balance
local, organic soy milk
local, organic light sour cream
local, organic plain yogurt
local hummus
local wholegrain pita


You may notice that there are a few items in this list that disqualify me as a strict "five or fewer" follower . . . I needed a couple of special items for recipes, and no, there's nothing wrong with my soymilk maker. I need a large-ish quantity of soymilk for a secret baking project, and am worried about homemade milk curdling when heated. So there -- I broke down and bought commercial soymilk!

Obviously, there will be some cooking this weekend. Until then!


Carrie™ said...

Wow! Total supreme-o score at the Co-op! I'll be waiting to see what you made with all of this. Have a great weekend!

Judy's Nutrition said...

Wow, a ton of food. We don't have a car either, nor do we have generous friends, so we rely on taxis to get us home from the grocery store. Better than biking or busing!

Isn't it a great feeling to get home and put all that food away, knowing your house is stocked for whatever cooking emergency might come up?

J said...

I love not having a car either, but there are times when it is nice to really be able to stock up, so I also appreciate friends with cars who are willing to take me to make bulk purchases from time to time.

But wowsa, that's a lot of grub!

Anonymous said...

Yum--fresh figs! What a treat! They didn't have them last time I was there (and I have been checking for them constantly--I love them)...I will have to go get some soon!