Sunday, April 23, 2006

A weekend of photos, part III . . .

BEWARE: This post contains a considerable number of G.C.P.s (Gratuitous Cat Photos)
(Hey . . . Leslie started it!)

I think my cat has really unusual markings. I joke that he's monogrammed, since he has a big swirl on both sides that looks like the letter "O," and where most tabbys have an "M" marking over their eyes, Oliver has a "W!"

"Leave me alone. I'm sleeping."

"What part of 'sleeping' was unclear to you? Hmm?"

And, I have no pictures of my afternoon with the neighbors who I used to babysit for. I didn't even bring the camera with me, because I knew I probably wouldn't take any pictures. Why? When hanging out/travelling/having fun with people, I'm usually so busy having fun, I forget to take pictures. BUT, the whole Behlmer family met me after church, and had glowing compliments about the choir. Wee! (We are pretty good, if I do say so myself.) Then, we actually split up -- the boys and Rob wanted to head back to the Mall of America, (ugh!) and Lisa wasn't interested, so she and I hung out. We walked around downtown, walked along the river for a while, (yes, the Mississippi River,) and had lunch outside at Brit's. I had the "Portobello Road" sandwich, which is a big hunk o' mushroom, marinaded and grilled, on focaccia with roasted red pepper aoli, spinach, and sharp cheddar cheese. (Yes, today, I was a L/O veg. Usually only when I dine out!) Killer fries on the side. (Crispy on the outside, superfluffy on the inside.) I also had a half-pint of hard cider. Yum! (A half-pint is just the right size for me. I'm a lightweight.) Then, we wandered around the sculpture gardens before it was time to meet back up with the guys, and for them all to head home. It was a great afternoon! The weather was sunny and gorgeous the whole time, and it's a good thing I remembered to put on sunblock this morning!


Shawn Powers said...

Oliver looks like he has personality. :o) Very cute, and looks like he likes to sleep. (Unlike my cat, which is up and raring to go at 5AM... but then she sleeps all afternoon.)

Catherine said...

"Personality" . . . what a nice way to think of it. His nickname is "rat bastard" by the way. He can be a sweet kitty, but he definitely has more than his share of 'tude.

Your kitty must be ecstatic, now that you are getting up at 5 am with her!