Saturday, March 11, 2006

food links and grocery shopping

Ann and I went to the Wedge last night, and this is what happens when you go with a very small list, and you feel like doing a little impulse buying:

one loaf of Great Harvest Bread Co. multigrain sandwich bread

a pound of Peace Coffee Italian Roast Sumatra
a pound and a half of organic rolled oats

a peanut butter cookie for Ann
a vegan pumpkin cupcake for me (it was just okay)

a bag of Cascadian Farm Organic Spud Puppies (i.e., tater tots)
an Amy's roasted veggie no cheese pizza (on sale!!)

a box of Annie's organic shells and WI cheddar cheese
a bag of Garden of Eatin' sesame blue tortilla chips
a box of Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal
a jar of Cascadian Farm Organic kosher dill pickles
14 ounce can natural artichoke heart quarters
2 quart-cartons of Soy Dream soy milk
15 ounce can organic pumpkin puree
15 ounce can organic sweet potato puree
two 14.5 ounce cans Muir Glen Organic no-salt added diced tomatoes
a 4-pack of Seventh Generation TP
Seventh Generation lavender laundry detergent
Seventh Generation lavender fabric softener
a canister of Republic of Tea Vanilla Almond black teabags
a box of Quilts low-sodium crackers
a 4-pack of Izze sparkling clementine juice
a bag of Pet Promise cat food

one bar of Tom's lavendar bar soap
two tubes of Tom's shaving cream
(I had a buy three Tom's products get $1 off coupon from my Blue Sky Guide)

one small organic cucumber
four organic, fair trade bananas
two organic Gala apples
one organic Mutsu apple (a variety I'd never heard before!)
one organic Haas avocado
one organic, fair trade mango
one and one third pounds of organic red grapes
six fresh brussels sprouts (to try)
one organic green bell pepper
one organic red bell pepper
one small organic zucchini
one bag of Earth Greens organic baby spinach

one package of Earth Balance buttery sticks
one four-pack of Holy Land Deli whole-wheat pita bread

Well. That post sure took a long time! I rarely buy that much prepackaged food, however -- I think it must have been time to stock up. Usually, I spend most of my grocery shopping time in the produce and bulk departments. A fluke.

No cooking projects planned yet, but I'll let you know if I decide to hit the kitchen at some point this weekend.

Happy Saturday!

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