Saturday, March 04, 2006

here a rant, there a rant

I've had a lot to rant about this weekend!

Ann, Christine, and I went out to the Saint Clair Broiler tonight for dinner, then went to see the new "Pride and Prejudice" at the cheap theatre in Roseville. The movie was great! They must have searched high and low for the actor who played Mr. Darcy, because he was just perfect. Appropriately haughty, but handsome enough that you could forgive him for it.

My rant is about dinner. Now, I've eaten at the Broiler many a time, and have had fabulous food and fabulous service there. Tonight was an exception. The food was excellent as always, but our server was sub-par at best, and it took 40 minutes for our food to arrive. The worst part was, I asked for a veggie burger, obviously, instead of the beef that normally comes with their California burger. The waitress happily obliged, and I was then charged an extra fifty cents for it.

Now, fifty cents isn't much. That's not the complaint. My issue is this: veggie burgers are cheaper than beef. Period. In fact, on another portion of their menu where they have the "build-a-burger," the veggie burger option is actually priced LESS than either the 6- or 8-ounce beef burgers. The second part of the issue is, the waitress did not inform me at the time of my order that subsituting a veggie burger would have cost more; she just charged me for it. Had I known, I probably would have ordered it anyhow, but it was a surprise when the bill arrived that my food cost more than either Ann's or Christine's, and they both ordered bacon cheeseburgers. I'm actually considering writing a letter of complaint.

I think it is just a shame that, at least some of the time, it costs so much more to eat healthfully in this country.

I read somewhere once that the US is the only country in the world whose rich people are skinny and whose poor people are fat.


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