Friday, March 10, 2006

the great cookbook search

I need to either hit the library or Magers and Quinn this weekend to search for cookbooks. I'm needing some new inspiration and new ideas. Since I have been working on my cookbook quite furiously, I have lots of my own recipes that I could make, but those are boring to me -- they are, after all, my own recipes designed just the way I like them. They are great comfort food, but right now I want to push myself a little bit, try some new ingredients and new techniquies. And although I have been cooking primarily vegan at home, I'd like to push myself a little farther -- I have just a smidge of parmesan left and a couple tablespoons of plain dairy yogurt left, and when those two things are used up, I might make the "plunge," at least at home. We'll see. Any good vegan cookbook suggestions? I've heard of many, seen few.

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